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We provide services that will help you manage, grow, engage and promote through your social media accounts.

Our strategies will get you results, or you get your money back


Manage Account

People first judge a person or brand from how their profiles look and you need to have a well designed and curated account to make a good first impression.

Grow Engagement

Just putting up content on social media is not going to get the job done. Content should be targeted to the interest and demographics of the followers.


Wasting money on ill setup campaigns is the story of most business owners. Only a proper optimized ad copy will get the most ROI.



Myson is a Social Media Marketing Agency. We create and manage social media accounts for brand, we research and generate content for them, we find out the right time to post so that the content gets maximum exposure, we engage with people in your network and encourage them to post more about you and we create and run advertising campaigns for brands. Our experienced team is fully capable of handling your accounts and getting things done. We will have a project briefing before the start of the campaign where we will discuss the strategies that will be followed to get results. We take client inputs on priority and all campaigns are designed keeping in mind exactly what the client wants. All campaign are strictly checked by senior members before being presented to the client. We also test the campaign in our test environment so check their effectiveness.

Agency Info

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  •   2211 Kovar Road, Cambridge, MA
I never thought I could get clients from Social Media Advertising. I came across the idea that it would be great for a freelance web designer. I discussed the same with team Myson and they were able to clear all my doubts and made me realize the potential with hard numbers and facts. The campaign went well and I have never been more thankful.
Kenny Carmello

Kenny Carmello

Web Developer
Got in touch with Karen when we reached a point where we needed to do Social Media Marketing to take our company marketing forward. Karen was very patient with hearing out what our requirements were and how we wanted them done. She and her team got back to us with the perfect campaign outline. It felt like we were working with our team. Thanks for all the help.
Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert

Marketing Manager
I have always handled my social media account and replied to the posts. When it got difficult to manage my practice and account both I chose to outsource it. Maya helped me with the details and what they will be doing for me. I now have a huge fan base who regularly interact in my profile and I don't have to worry about it.
Susie Hightower

Susie Hightower

Web Developer


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