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Myson is a Social Media Marketing Agency. After offering instagram followers and other services in the past, we decided to move into SMM management. We create and manage social media accounts for brand, we research and generate content for them, we find out the right time to post so that the content gets maximum exposure, we engage with people in your network and encourage them to post more about you and we create and run advertising campaigns for brands. Our experienced team is fully capable of handling your accounts and getting things done. We will have a project briefing before the start of the campaign where we will discuss the strategies that will be followed to get results. We take client inputs on priority and all campaigns are designed keeping in mind exactly what the client wants. All campaign are strictly checked by senior members before being presented to the client. We also test the campaign in our test environment so check their effectiveness.

Our strategies will get you results, or you get your money back


Manage Account

People first judge a person or brand from how their profiles look and you need to have a well designed and curated account to make a good first impression.

Grow Engagement

Just putting up content on social media is not going to get the job done. Content should be targeted to the interest and demographics of the followers.


Wasting money on ill setup campaigns is the story of most business owners. Only a proper optimized ad copy will get the most ROI.

Is Instagram advertising better than Facebook advertising


Social media as a whole isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and with a combined count of 2.64 billion active users, Facebook and Instagram are leading the market. The sheer number of users makes them ideal for businesses to boost their visibility.


Why Instagram?


Facebook has nearly 1.94 billion active users, while Instagram has a “mere” 700 million. But the demographic is completely different.

Facebook has about 85% of all internet population aged 18-49, but that doesn’t mean old people don’t use Facebook. 72% of internet users aged 50-64, and 62% users over the age of 65 means a lot of older are people on Facebook.

Instagram users represent only 59% of the age group of 18-29 years. It’s a smaller percentage than Facebook, but the situation changes with people over 30. Researchers found that only 18% of people from 50-64 years, and only 8% aged over 65 uses Instagram.

This means that Instagram is way more popular among the younger generation.


The showstoppers:


There are things that can be marketed using Instagram in a better way. With an advertisement occupying the full screen of the app, Instagram trumps over Facebook in marketing things like travel destination, fashion, foods, interior designing products, electronics, even tents. Here are 5 niches where Instagram beats Facebook in online advertising.


  1. Beauty products:


Products that showcase beauty and elegance always advertised in a bold way. Even when using print media it was easy to notice their big and colourful advertisements. Instagram takes that to the next level. Bright, colourful, full screen pictures, usually posted in groups of three or four are eye grabbers.


Beauty products represent the bulk of Instagram marketing. As of December 2017, MAC Cosmetics ranked first with 17.1 million followers, with Anastasia Beverly Hills following 2nd with a 15.2 million.


With over 500 million active daily users Instagram is one of the most popular social networks to promote beauty products.


  1. Foods:


There’s a reason food is in immensely popular subject for Instagram posts. Pictures of neatly arranged delicious looking food intrigue the senses. Modern consumers expect a brand to use visual platforms to promote a product, and Instagram helps a business to do exactly that.


From companies like bien cuit, who sells gourmet breads, to FOMU, marketing themselves as an “alternative ice cream” company, pleasure-seeking food products use Instagram to reach to the masses.


That doesn’t mean big names are not in the game. Companies like Oreo, Pabst Blue Ribbon spend a lot of time and money behind their Instagram marketing. Their feeds are full of crowd-pleasing pictures showing their cool and vibrant theme.


Also present are the restaurants and resorts from different places. Companies like Starbucks, Pizza Pilgrims, and The Boathouse Palm Beach are famous for their Instagram presence.


  1. Travelling and leisure:


Today, memories are shot on a cell phone and shared almost immediately. Travellers don’t have to wait till their films are developed to show their beautiful times abroad. Tourism companies decorate their Instagram accounts with beautiful vistas of far-off destinations, cleverly adding pictures of their assets and amenities in between.


This digital marketing plan plays an important role developing a brand voice. Big travel agencies are using Instagram to reach to their audiences. Adding a famous person in the pictures also help them to reach new customers.


Companies like Visit Great Britain (with more than 137K followers) promote user-generated pictures on their account to encourage visitors to come and visit Britain.


Also, there are companies like the Norwegian Cruise Line, with more than 107K followers in their profile; they regularly attract attention with their stunning pictures, lined with their collection of cruise ships they offer for travellers.


  1. Fashion and accessories:


In 2015, a British farm reported that Instagram was becoming the preferred social media platforms for fashion brands. Just like beauty products, marketing a dress works best if the user can see how it actually looks.


Multiple big companies use Instagram, and fascinatingly enough, in their different creative ways. There are brands like Everlane, who feature pictures of their customers wearing their products while adding travel photographs, even adding tips on food and art destinations around the world.


On the other end, there is Nike. They are known for promoting action-packed clips, motivating thousands of people. With professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts regularly featured in their promotional videos, they have gained a massive 7.1 million followers on Instagram.


Companies who market accessories like Asos and Fossil regularly update their feeds with colourful and bold product images and editorial pieces of their latest campaigns.


  1. Consumer electronics:


Recent research from Consumer Electronics Association shows that nearly 24% of consumers looking to buy any electronic product almost always refer to social media before they buy anything. This trend increases dramatically when the consumer base changes to people who spend more than 13.5 hours per week online. Their reliance on social media before making a purchasing decision jumps to almost 65%.


It comes easily to companies like GoPro, cannon, Nikon etc. They make cameras, and taking beautiful pictures and videos comes naturally to them. GoPro has a strong 4.9 million follower base. Typically posting pictures, short videos all they long, they also highlight their customers on Instagram.


Then there are companies like Beats By Dre, who specialises in making speakers and headphones. While they don’t manufacture cameras to take pictures with, they still adorn their Instagram profile with catchy pictures of their product line. They are one of the largest brands to showcase multiple celebrities in their feeds. By reaching out to their 4.2 million followers they show the true potential of Instagram advertisements.


Way to go Insta!!!


Instagram attracts a specific group of users. Millennials are famous for staying online most of the time and being very much engaged in brands with a strong online presence. Such tendencies put Instagram in the ideal position.


A picture-based interface results in more visual interaction with the customer, it also helps engage the senses, create a feeling of need. Marketing strategies like this result in a high click-through rate. The overall CTR is 1.50% for Instagram, while it is only 0.84% on Facebook. Also it costs almost as much as Facebook advertisements, making it a better alternative for certain demographic and type of product.